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Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
 Past to Present 

 1948 Blessed Sacrament Parish was established by direction of Bishop Edward J. Hunkeler.
 1949 March 27, Bishop Hunkeler dedicated our church building which was the old air base chapel. Fr. (later Monsignor) Anthony Egging was the first pastor. The first baptism was on March 27 - Jonathan Weisul. The first funeral was for Albert Ayoub on May 20. Leon Forst and Jarolyn Hoffman were the first couple married on June 11. The original rectory, immediately across the street south of the old church, was purchased.
 1951 Bishop John L. Puschang was installed as Bishop of Grand Island Diocese.
 1952 In March, school construction was begun and completed in time for the opening of school in September 8th with an enrollment of 190 students. The school, with 11 classrooms, provided for grades 1 through 8. The second rectory was purchased later this year.
 1953 The Convent housing the Dominican Sisters, who were the original staff, was completed this year. 
 1956 Staffed by the Sisters of St. Joseph and St. Dominic, and several lay teachers, Central Catholic opened this year and included grades 8-12. Perpetual adoration began this year.
 1959 Priests at Blessed Sacrament became responsible for Mass at the Nebraska Veterans' home (until 1973). 
 1961 Construction of the original church on the present site (and connecting to the school) began in September.
 1962 The first Mass was offered in the new church on September 9.
 1964 The present rectory was begun; finished in 1965. 

Blessed Sacraments
 1965 Holy Day Masses scheduled at Geer-Sterne Chapel at Golden Age Village; they still continue at present time.  
 1971 Fr. Paul J Button was appointed second pastor.
 1972 Bishop John L. Sullivan was installed as Bishop of Grand Island Diocese.
 1973 Fr. Thomas E. Mullonwney was appointed third pastor.
 1974 Seventh grade was added to Central Catholic making it a complete Junior and Senior high school.
 1975 The Catholic community refocused its educational resources, and Blessed Sacrament School was closed in May 28.
 1977 Five former classrooms were converted into a parish hall and kitchen and given the name Egging Hall.
 1978 Bishop Lawrence J. McNamara was installed as Bishop of Grand Island Diocese.
 1980 The original parish church was dismantled and a memorial bell tower now stands in that area.
 1981 Fr. Donald O'Brien was appointed fourth pastor.
 1984 Fire destroys church.
 1985 On October 19, parishioners celebrated Mass in newly rebuilt church for the first time. Dedication was on December 1.
 1989 Fr. Stephen Deaver was appointed fifth pastor.
 1994 Fr. Donald Larmore was appointed sixth pastor.
 1996 Discussion began on parish vision for the 50th Anniversary.
 1997 New addition to Central Catholic was completed in time for school year, as 6th grade was added to make Central Catholic a middle school/high school.
 1998 Capital Campaign kicks off; fund raising for new parish center to be completed in time for Jubilee (50th) celebration, Celebratory ground breaking is done at all September 19-20 Masses. Construction began in November.
 1999 Jubilee Center completed and officially dedicated in fall.
 2000 Blessed Sacrament Preschool begins in August.
 2002 Fr. Francis Curran was appointed seventh pastor.
 2004 Bishop William J. Dendinger was installed as the Bishop of Grand Island Diocese.
 2005 Planning begins for renovation of Blessed Sacrament Church.
 2006 Capital Campaign for renovation of church is launched in fall.
 2007 Renovation work on the church begins on September 16. Mass is held in Jubilee Center for the next six months.






First Mass is held in renovated church on March 8. Blessing and rededication of church held June 22. 

Fr. Todd Philipsen was appointed eighth pastor.

Bishop Joseph G. Hanefeldt was installed as Bishop of the Grand Island Diocese.

Fr. Martin Egging was appointed ninth pastor.

Fr. Robin Bashir was appointed tenth pastor.

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
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